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August - September : Festival Tours
Teej Festival – Rajasthan (Jaipur)
Teej is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Rajasthan. Swings, traditional songs and dancing are the unique features of Teej celebrations in Rajasthan. Women perform traditional folk dance dressed in green colored clothes and sing beautiful Teej songs while enjoying their sway on swings bedecked with flowers.

Although celebrated all over Rajasthan it is particularly in Jaipur; there is much fanfare and enthusiasm. An elaborate procession is taken out for two consecutive days on the festive occasion which is watched by people in large numbers. The markets are crowded with young enthusiastic women who buy colorful bangles, jewellery and other knick-knacks. The whole of Jaipur is decorated with colorful festoons and streamers. The markets are forever abuzz with some activity or the other.

The Teej idol is richly decorated with ornaments and gaudy dresses. The Teej idol is covered with a canopy whereas the Gangaur idol is open. Dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva - it is believed that Goddess Parvati was united with Lord Shiva after many years of tough penance on the auspicious day of Teej. The Teej Festival is celebrated during the advent of monsoons in the months of July-August.

Suggested Teej Festival Tour Package
Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days
Routing : Delhi – Pushkar – Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Delhi – Onwards Travel / FLY BACK

D1: Delhi D2: Old & New Delhi D3: Delhi – Pushkar D4: Pushkar – Jaipur
D5: Jaipur D6: Jaipur D7: Jaipur – Agra D8: Agra – Delhi – FLY BACK
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Krishna Janmashtami Festival Tour – Mathura & Vrindavan
Janmashtami Festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. Mathura and Brindavan rings with the memories of Lord Krishna. He was born in Mathura. In Brindavan, located at a distance of about 15 km from Mathura, he loitered about in his youth in the company of his gopis. So there is unbelievable fun and excitement at these places centering this festival.

There is a temple on the exact spot where Krishna was born. On the occasion of Janmashtami, a large number of pilgrims from all over the country come to visit this Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple. They listen to the preaching by the priests of the temple. In the main hall of the temple, a ceremony takes place. The idol of Lord Krishna is bathed by the priests and mantras are chanted. After the completion of this ceremony people break their day long fast. At midnight, the hour when Shri Krishna was born, the deity is taken out of the temple and people jostle each other to get a view of the idol. The air reverberates with the sound of conch shells and shouts in praise of the Lord.
There is great merriment on this occasion. The ambience in Mathura and Brindavan is very cheerful. Small shops spring up all over the towns selling sweets and snacks and other small items associated with Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar. It falls on the 8th day of the 15 days of no-moon in the month of Shravana. That roughly corresponds to the month of August or September in the English Calendar.

Suggested Teej Festival Tour Package
Duration : 08 Nights / 09 Days
Routing : Delhi – Mathura – Agra – Fatehpur Sikri - Jaipur - Pushkar – Delhi – Onwards Travel / FLY BACK
D1: Delhi (Arrival) D2: Old & New Delhi D3: Delhi – Mathura / Vrindavan
D4: Mathura – Agra D5: Agra D6:Agra – Jaipur
D7: Jaipur D8: Jaipur – Pushkar  D9: Pushkar – Delhi – FLY BACK

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Kerala Boat Race Festival – Alleppey (Kerala)
The Nehru Trophy Boat Race Or the Snake Boat Race, as it is popularly known as, is the most enthralling annual event of the southern most state of Kerala. The snake boat is manned by 4 helmsmen, 25 singers and 100 - 125 oarsmen. These oarsmen row in unison to the fast rhythm of the Vanchipattu (song of the boatman). Thousands of people crowd the water's edge to cheer the huge black crafts as they slice through the waters to a spectacular finish.

It is in Alappuzha on the second Saturday in the month of August where this spectacular boat race is preceded by a colorful ceremony that is something that one must definitely not miss. Before the race is set in motion there is a splendid display of attractive and colorful watercrafts. This spectacular event features magnificent snake boats or 'Chundans', with around 100 oarsmen rowing the boat in one rhythm and a leader encouraging them along with a drummer to pick up the rhythm. All this works into a state of frenzy for the oarsmen as well as the spectators watching the event. The speed in which the boats are rowed into seem like the snakes slithering in water! The drum beats and boat songs called vanchipattu that complement these boat races almost work the spectators and the oarsmen into a frenzy of activity and adds a sense of thrill to the entire boat race.

Come and enjoy experience of a lifetime along with the God’s Own Country – Backwaters of Kerala.

Suggested Kerala Boat Race Festival Tour Package
Duration : 16 Nights / 17 Days
Routing : Delhi – Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady / Periyar – Kumarakom – Alleppey  - Varkala – Kovalam – Trivandrum – Delhi – Onwards Travel / FLY BACK
D1: Delhi (Arrival) D2: Old & New Delhi D3: Delhi – Jaipur  
D4: Jaipur   D5: Jaipur – Agra D6:Agra – Delhi – Cochin  

D7: Cochin – Munnar

D8: Munnar

D9: Munnar – Periyar / Thekkady

D10: Thekkady D11: Thekkady – Kumarakom D12: Kumarakom – Alleppey
D13: Aleppey D14: Alleppey – Varkala D15: Varkala – Kovalam
D16: Kovalam   D17: Kovalam – Trivandrum – Delhi – Onwards / FLY BACK 

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Mysore Festival & South India Tour - Mysore (Karnataka)
Known for its magnificent Palaces and Majestic buildings, sprawling gardens and tree lined boulevards, Shimmering Silks and Sandalwood, the 'City Royale' – Mysore always figures in the tourist's itinerary. Mysore Dussehra is a Royal Festival Celebrating victory of Truth over Evil. It is a 10-day celebration and ends on Vijayadashami Dussehra Day. Eight day is dedicated to Durga and ninth day is for Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth. On tenth day a grand procession is held from Mysore Palace and terminates at Bannimantap. The entire city is decorated and lightened in a most impressive way, that attracts thousands of tourists to the city. The Palace and other important buildings are also embellished and illuminated - worth a sight.
Majestic processions, a torch light parade, dance and musical events vitalize the placid city. Many cultural programs are organized in the Mysore Palace, performed by famous artists. Sport events, poet's meet, food festival, film festival are also held. The famous Dussehra exhibition is organized at Doddakere Maidana. The royal family of Mysore performs special pooja on the occasion of Dussehra.
The 'Dussehra Procession' held on Vijayadashami or the tenth day is led by highly decorated elephants that carry idol of goddess Chamundeswari well seated on a golden throne placed on an elephant seat. Hundreds of decorated horses, folk dancers, courtiers, nobles, soldiers, and colorful visitors follow the procession.
Come and enjoy the festivity at its best during September at Mysore and South India along with most scenic Goa Beaches.

Suggested Mysore Festival & South India Tour Package
Duration : 17 Nights / 18 Days
Routing : Delhi – Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady / Periyar – Kumarakom – Alleppey  - Varkala – Kovalam – Trivandrum – Delhi – Onwards Travel / FLY BACK

D1: Delhi (Arrival) D2: Old & New Delhi D3: Delhi – Jaipur  
D4: Jaipur D5: Jaipur – Agra D6:Agra – Bangalore   
D7: Bangalore – Mysore   D8: Mysore D9: Mysore – Hassan
D10: Hassan – Hospet / Hampi D11: Hospet – Coorg D12: Coorg   
D13: Coorg D14: Coorg – Badami D15: Badami – Goa 
D16: Goa D17: Goa D18: Goa – Delhi – Onwards / FLY BACK 

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